Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What were the odds that ... WIN A BANNER DESIGN AND SIGNED BOOK!

I'd not only have crit partners that are phenomenal writers but also ones that are artists. Like the REAL DEAL. This year I was in sore need of a makeover -- a blog makeover, Website makeover ... (the other kind, too, but since the day you read this will be two days after my second daughter is born, it's likely any kind of personal makeover will be put on the back burner until I get five to six hours of sleep at a stretch ... so like in 2013! Yes. I'm not delusional thinking I'll actually sleep anytime soon in the next year.)Anyway, one of my crit mates is the incredibly talented Lisa Amowitz, and she designed my first banner for my blog and Website and last week sent me a new one because it was time to re-invent myself.
I agreed.
I was tired of the old banner simply because it didn't fit who I am now ... it was one created on the tail end of my travels with my husband, pre-motherhood. It's gorgeous. But it's a bit of a stretch from who I've become over the years. (I'm sitting on a mountain in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.) Not only did it not fit who I am as a person, but I've changed as a writer. I'm four books in. I'm more deliberate now. I take my time whereas before I just spewed things on the page. I LOVED this banner because my husband and I said, one afternoon, "Let's go to Argentina." And we bought tickets and traveled for three months. Ha! Those were the days. It was kind of like my writing.
Here's my 2007/2008 image:

So I wondered what she could possibly do with me ... who I am now ... how I've changed because my image couldn't be based on shadow chasing with a toddler and gestating. I'm still that mountain climber (really ... somewhere in this new life of preschool and finger paints), but at the same time I've grown in different ways as a person AND writer. I take my time now. I'm much more aware of the market. I let a scene simmer and really, REALLY work on character arcs. What could I do that would be interesting? Leave it to Lisa!

They say you can't judge a book by its cover, but we all do. (sorry book world, it's true) Whether it be the cover of a novel, a movie poster, or a blog design, we're wired to be attracted to certain things. Image is important in this business.  We're professionals and the first taste someone, whether it be a reader, agent, or editor, might have of us is through our Website and/or blog. Every time we tweet, update our Facebook page, write a blog post or even comment on a forum, we're sharing a little of who we are, and we're either bringing people in or turning them away.
Today, to celebrate my new Website design and blog, THANKS TO LISA AMOWITZ, we're doing tandem blog posts to celebrate image! AND ... we're  having a wonderful contest: Lisa is offering an amazing blog design/banner design (way great first prize) and I'm offering a signed copy of COMPROMISED and SWAG by me ... I'm choosing COMPROMISED because it's the first in a trio of books that HarperCollins used to create my book image. My last three books all have a look -- you can tell they're MY books, written by me. It's the image Harper chose for my work. (Personally, I think they're gorgeous!).
So, how do you win such a treasure?

To be entered to win either the banner design (first prize) or the signed paperback of Compromised + swag (second prize), participants should
1. follow both blogs
2. tweet or mention on Facebook
3. briefly state why they deserve and need a makeover and post a link to their blog (which we will both promise to follow)

And, speaking of books, WANTED is out for pre-sale now!! Pub notes say "A modern-day Bonnie and Clyde with a Robin Hood twist from acclaimed novelist Heidi Ayarbe" (ahem, the "acclaimed" was written by others but I LIKE that before my name! ;-) )

Anybody in the universe who pre-orders a copy of WANTED can get a free signed book plate. Just e-mail me at , and I'll tell you how to proceed. So, what are you waiting for?

Oh yeah. Back to the banner and image stuff. Go by and say hello to Lisa and WIN A BANNER or a book!! Think about the image you want to create and what you want to say when readers, editors, agents, fellow authors and others stop by your blog. What does it say about you?

Good luck!


  1. Big congrats, Mama, from one mama of two, to another!

  2. Heidi!! Congrats! On Wanted, the new blog, but most especially for the little one! Many hugs and kisses to the whole family and many good nights of sleep!

  3. I have followed both blogs. My blog is and it is in huge need of a makeover. It's got the old blogger look. It's so bad that I don't even want to go there. Consequently and sadly, I have not blogged in almost 2 years. Yes, very sad. I would love to start blogging again. And a new blog banner is just the thing to get me going. Plus, I would love a partial critique from Ms. Marino.

  4. Thanks for entering, Marcia! I'm monitoring both sites. :)


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