Friday, December 9, 2011

The Year of Prime ... On the Eighth and Ninth day of December

"I survived the Bunuelado, 2011" ... I should get a t-shirt that says this. :-) A bunuelado, you ask??
December is "THE MONTH OF THE BUNUELO AND NATILLA" in Colombia. Bunuelos are like donuts, but instead of being sugary, they're made with cheese and are delicious fried balls of wonder. Natilla is a cinnamon-like jell-o/pudding sweet that, though slimy in texture, is pretty tasty (if you can get past the slime).
The seventh and eighth are THE ALUMBRADO in Colombia. Being Catholic, this is the celebration of the immaculate conception and pretty much marks the beginning of the madness to come! It's really pretty. Everybody lights lanterns (even kids!) ... the glow of light is exquisite.
Every year, we have a party at the farm. We invite a choir to sing Christmas carols and eat bunuelos and natilla until, really, I don't want to see another one for a year. There's a catch. We also have the contest of THE BEST BUNUELO.
Since the dough can be "molded", we hand dough out. We have trophies, a panel of judges, and pretty much everybody (adults and kids) get into it. (We now have two categories). And, if you're skilled, you can go home with THE GOLD, SILVER OR BRONZE BUNUELO.

Clark Griswold would have trouble competing with this. Hello Vegas!

Lighting Lanterns

The Golden Bunuelo goes to ... the Pig
I also have a book recommendation! (Of course!) I just thought you ought to know why I was so absent yesterday ... Keeping it "light" (teehee ... okay, I'm tired. My puns aren't really up to par.), I recommend a great book for that person who has "everything" and you really don't know what to give. It's also a good book for those who aren't big readers but are curious.  AN UNCOMMON HISTORY OF COMMON THINGS (A National Geographic Publication) has half-page length explanations of how things came to be -- everything from indoor plumbing and pizza to kites and capitalization/punctuation. It's fascinating!


  1. I think I might be good on bunuelos for life. They're delicious, but heavy!Sorry I missed the party, it looks like a lot of fun.

  2. Have a safe trip to Bogota ... I hope you enjoyed Quimbaya. It's so beautiful. We'll talk soon!!


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